On this page you will meet a couple of Santa's elves. You can read their stories and then print out a picture of them to color. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Bushy Evergreen from claus.com Bushy Evergreen
Adopted by TJ Coy
Inventor of the amazing Magnetic Kinetic Toy Hulla-Ballu toy making machine. Being of sturdy Canadian stock, Bushy came from a family that literally sprouted from the forest floor way up North. Like most forest dwellers, Bushy learned the art of woodcarving at an early age. In the tradition of his forefathers, Bushy's first project was to carve a toothpick from a giant oak tree. It took 27 years, but he did it. And just in time, too, because the day he finished, dinner was corn on the cob. He moved quickly from toothpicks to toys. And by the time he was a lad of 168, he had carved over a million wooden trains, trucks, ducks, and doodads. Bushy is now the head Toy Maker for Santa and is the inventor of the amazing Magnetic Kinetic Toy Hulla-Ballu toy making machine, the only one of its kind in the world!

Print and color a picture of Bushy Evergreen

Wunorse Openslae from claus.com Wunorse Openslae
Adopted by TJ Coy
Creator of Santa's magical flying sleigh. One of the few old Nordic Elves, Wunorse is in his middle years, around 600 years old and is solidly proportioned, akin to his Viking ancestry. His blonde hair is long past his shoulders, and he wears it in thick horse-styled braids, often with tiny jingle bells woven into them. He is a true inventor and craftsman, and behind one ear he keeps a pencil stub for doodling, sketching and figuring, no matter where he is. It was Wunorse who long ago created Santa's magic sleigh.

Print and color a picture of Wunorse Openslae

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