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    Lion King


    Nala Simba and Zazu

    The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie. My three favorite characters are Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Mom and Dad got the movie for me and I've been watching it almost every day since I was six months old. Mom says that I act alot like Simba, always into something. And I think Timon and Pumbaa are so silly! We were going to name our five kitties after Lion King Characters, but none of the names seemed just right for them, except one...Bonzai. So we did name one of the kittens after a hyena from Lion King. Dad says that he doesn't know what we're going to do once I have worn out my Lion King video. He hopes that they release it again soon!

    Here are some pictures that you can print and color.
    Mufasa and Simba
    Simba and Nala
    Simba, Timon and Pumbaa
    For lots more Lion King coloring pages, visit my new site,TJ's Fun Page.

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