Hi! Come meet some more of my adopted friends...the Purp-ee Beans!


This is Purp-ee and his little brother, Tom-mee. Together, they have won the pumpkin carving badge! They are really proud of it!

Purp-ee Tom-mee

These are Purp-ee's cousins, Gelb Purp-ee Bean and Strawber-ree Purp-ee. They always have fun playing with Purp-ee.

Gelb Strawber-ree

These are GeeMaw and GeePaw Purp-ee Bean. GeeMaw was presented with The World's Best Cook certificate. It was Purp-ee's idea. He said that nobody can cook like GeeMaw.

Certificate GeeMaw GeePaw

This is my Limited Edition Back to School Purp-ee. You can click on the link below to get your very own Special Edition Purp-ee.

certificate S.E. Purp-ee


I adopted all of my Purp Beans at Billy Bear 4 Kids. Go visit them and see what all they have to offer.

Billy Bear 4 Kids

This is my friend, Dino Delight. I adopted him from The Hatchery. Just click on the link below to visit The Hatchery and adopt a hatchling.

certificate egg Dino egg

The Hatchery

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